If the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’, then nowhere is function more crucial. Since your kitchen is not just the heart of any home, it should also be a faithful, engaging reflection of the people who live there. Luckily, no one knows more about the marriage of brilliant form and flawless function better than the designers and tradespeople at Greencraft.

We partner only with manufacturers known for creative excellence, high quality and dependability so that we may offer you a boundless selection of customizable options that will give you the look and feel you want, as well as the serviceability and durability you require.

Greencraft’s design specialists are here to offer any measure of assistance you prefer, whether you’d like us to work up an entire plan tailored to your particular needs and tastes, would prefer advice on just certain aspects or already have very specific ideas and just need us to walk you through the steps.

Cabinet Style

If you’re not already sure what you want, you are sure to find your perfect fit among our multitude of exciting, smart and trending options, including popular modern, rustic, traditional, cottage, gourmet or mission styles.


When choosing cabinet doors, there are two aspects to consider:

Door panel style must obviously complement cabinet style, but great design is nothing if not flexible and experimental, so don’t hesitate to try winning panel styles like shaker, flat, louvred or distressed against your favorite cabinet styles for a truly original effect.

Overlay refers to the amount of cabinet the door panel covers when closed. Traditional (partial) overlay means the doors and drawers have space between and around the edges and is hardware optional. Full overlay cabinet doors and drawers cover the entire cabinet to the edges and meet each other, thus requiring hardware.

Wood & Stains

The color and shade you select for your cabinetry will most likely set the tone for your entire kitchen, so it’s advisable to understand how different types of wood will affect the appearance of a particular stain, as well as the ways in which your cabinet color will coordinate and contrast with key kitchen elements such as countertops, flooring and backsplashes. Our design consultants are authorities in this area and ready to offer any level of help.


At Greencraft, we believe there is no such thing as a small detail, which is why offer an enormous selection of solid, enduring and stylish hardware that runs the gamut from eye-catching to complementary to understated.


Speaking of details, molding provides the perfect enhancement to your cabinetry and is the final step in making any space truly your own. Choose from elegant styles like classic crown, federal, rope, angle or casual twist paired with charming accents like rosettes, geometric inserts, fluted columns or split posts.

Whether you are in need of new cabinets alone or interested in an entire kitchen remodel or installation, Greencraft has the expertise, the selection and the commitment to make your vision a reality.