Greencraft is skilled at installing all of your door needs. Whether it is security doors, front-entry doors, interior doors, arcadia doors or screen doors, Greencraft can schedule a measuring for you within 48 hours. Greencraft has vast door installment experience and it is one of our fortes.

Our skilled professionals will walk you through the entire process to make sure that we install the correct door for your needs; with our door installation, and all of our installations, we are very big on customer feedback and provide numerous opportunities to gather and receive your welcomed feedback.

We have fashioned the door/millwork installation process into 5 simple steps:

Purchase your measurement:

Your door-opening must be specifically measured before you can pick out the proper and right door for your home or project. Your first step is to go into one of Greencraft’s Home Depots and purchase your measurement. Feel free to peruse the product and get ideas of what you want or are looking for while you are there. The Home Depot has a vast selection of security doors, front-entry doors, interior doors, arcadia doors, screen doors and more. Once we know your specific measurements you can pick out your final selection.

In-home Measurement:

Once you have purchased your measurement. Greencraft will call you to schedule an in-home measurement and an overall inspection of the area where your new door is going to be installed. After your measurements have been taken, you are ready to pick out and purchase your door. Time of installation may vary depending on whether the door of your choice is held in stock or if it has to be special ordered. Again, this step is all about FIT and FINISH; providing up-front professional measurements is one of the ways Greencraft ensures the results you deserve. Greencraft is a full-service general contractor, so while we are measuring for your door, feel free to discuss all aspects of your remodel or renovation with us because we can take care of it in its entirety.

Order and Purchase your door:

After your measurement has been purchased, your in-home measurements have been taken and your brand-new door selected. Payment and ordering will then be submitted. Clients can pick up their door themselves and bring it to the project or Greencraft is happy to deliver it for you free of charge. It is up to you, either way once your door arrives at your project you will be ready for removal of the old door and installation of your new one.

Door Installation:

Greencraft will take care of your door installation process from the beginning to end. We take care of the removal of the old door, the threshold and all accompanying debris. We dispose of the old door and debris for you, in addition to installing your new door. Greencraft is very skilled in door installation and in tune with all the details involved. We will discuss the entire process with you before the project, during the project and after the project so that you know what to anticipate. We will alert you to any compromise to the existing doorway or stucco that might occur during old-door removal or any issues with flooring blockage or exposure that you can expect with your new door. No part of the process will be a surprise; you will be consistently well-informed and consulted.

Installation Review:

After your old door is gone and your new door is proudly standing in place, all that is left to do is the final survey of the project and to get your signature on a job well done. Greencraft will go through all of the steps of the installation process with you and discuss any questions or concerns that you have.
If for some reason an issue occurred that cannot be rectified in the moment or you have additional concerns, Greencraft will happily schedule a technician to return to solve it as soon as possible. We want the job finished to perfection and done to satisfaction. The Home Depot and Greencraft stands behind all of our installation services.