Greencraft’s kitchen installation services are all encompassing; we can take care of everything from the kitchen’s plumbing and electrical to the installation of cabinets. Regardless of the size of your project, Greencraft is qualified to take care of all aspects of your remodel. If you need to install a few new cabinets or if you need a complete kitchen remodel, Greencraft can take care of that for you.

When Greencraft is your installer, you will have one contractor to manage all of the ins-and-outs of your renovation or remodel, keeping everything simple and streamlined. Remember, Greencraft is a full service general contractor, any type of renovation from flooring to cabinetry to all aspects of a remodel or renovation, Greencraft can expertly cover it.

We have fashioned the installation and remodeling process into 5 simple steps:

We come to you:

In order to make sure everything fits flawlessly, one of our project managers will come out to perform an in-home measuring consultation. Our PM will convert your measurement into a CAD (computer-aided design) drawing and send it over to the Home Depot where you will be purchasing your product. Also, at the time of the in-home consultation, we can discuss all of the layout options, installation and labor requirements available to you. This initial step is all about FIT and FINISH; providing up-front professional measurements is one of the ways Greencraft ensures quality results.

Consult with a Designer:

Since we work hand-in-hand with The Home Depot, your CAD drawing, with your specific measurements and layout will be sent to your local design team at a location near you. The design experts at The Home Depot, with your specific measurements in hand, will make educated and tailored suggestions for the right product for your specific installation or renovation project.

Verification Consultation:

Once you approve your design, The Home Depot will schedule a pre-construction visit with Greencraft. During the pre-construction visit, Greencraft will make sure that the measurements and designs are correct and a quote will be formulated and provided for your approval. We are a full-service general contractor, so feel free to get our expert opinion and direction on all aspects of your remodel or renovation because we can take care of it in its entirety.

In-Store Consultation/cabinet check:

After the pre-construction visit and the approval of the quote, one more store visit is needed for final verification and collection of payment. Your products will then be submitted for ordering. Once your products arrive at your project, Greencraft will come and check the inventory prior to installation. We will check to make sure all the correct items have arrived and that no damage has occurred. If anything is damaged or missing, Greencraft will rectify it and contact The Home Depot for speedy reordering before the project is underway. This is to ensure speedy installment.

Installation and Final Inspection:

Once all of the products are ready to go, our team of licensed, back-ground checked and courteous installers will schedule an installation time that fits into your schedule. We will discuss the entire process with you before the project, during the project and after the project so that you know what to anticipate. Your property will be treated with respect and left the way it was found with an all encompassing job-site cleanup. Once installation is finalized, Greencraft will go through a thorough and final inspection process to make sure that everything is perfect and done to satisfaction. The Home Depot and Greencraft stands behind all of our installation services.